March 18, 2022


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Born William Jazza 1992 currently known as Grand voice his stage name. Grand Voice is from Mangochi Makanjila by geographically a Yao tribe.

Grand Voice started his music as a career in the year 2020 after being influenced by his friends who used to say that he can do better if he could record a song at the studio rather than doing freestyles for them because the way his freestyles were he could be a good singer, following that the uprising star recorded some tracks which made his a ghetto name.

Following the release of those songs Grand Voice gained confidence in recording music upto the extent that he could record a song that could be playing on radio stations

Currently his is based in Jubeki where he is working.

These are some of the most important things to know about him

Marital status:- In Malawi taken, in Jubeki Single.

Education Background:- Self taught

Favorite food :- Nsima

Favorite local musician:- Che Wikise Baba

Favorite international musician:- Davido

What inspires you to make music:- Bringing joy in people’s lives

What’s your biggest musical goal:- To do a Collabo with Dan Lu

How will you achieve that goal:- Find Dan Lu and make him sing by faya by force.

Reveal your biggest secret:-I think i am related to Chizmo Njuchi, we look alike and sing alike.

What’s your net worth ( how much do you make in one year ) :- Ngati nnafika pozaona Jubeki kalipo kokwanila, Nanga inu munayamba mwafika kuno?

Latest Releases:-Grand Voice-Test Money



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