July 25, 2021


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Reggae star and Guitarist Peter Njala has expressed his disappointment with how reggae music has gone down in the country after the death of Matafale.
Peter Njala who recently released his song ” Kuvuta Moyo” says Malawi used to have real reggae music back in the days but nowadays many artists are just playing with genre without knowing what its supposed to carry. “Reggae music is not just music,it has to carry good message, Speak for the people and preach positivity that’s why I’m dedicated to making reggae music atleast we can revive it the way we used to have it in early 2000s.

Peter Njala who is recording his album titled “Sindikupanga Nawo” which has 12 songs has worked with Producers like Uzy Uganda and OBK records.

Peter Njala also nicknamed Papa Pee is considered one of the best reggae artist in the country.

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