June 29, 2021


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The Gospel music industry in Malawi is one of the least talked when it comes to activeness in preaching ideal Gospel. Over Years we have seen
Many artist switching from Gospel to Secular.
While this might be the fact to the majority, Two artists namely Praise Malumbo and Thapson John have managed to preach the gospel with steadfastness ever since they joined the music scene in 2013.

The Two,Mzuzu Born formed a music group called the Christ Soldiers which later ended in a full fledged Ministry “The Christ Soldiers Forever Ministry”.
In an interview with Nyasa network Reporter,Praise Malumbo told our reporter that the two have released their first album which is available on Digital Platforms for sell.

Premiering 3 songs from the album on Joy FM,Thapson confirmed that the two will be coming to Malawi soon to hold country wide Shows.

” We want people to know that Jesus is Coming and there is a need to repent because the signs of the end are being fulfilled everyday and there is no time to wait” Thapson said.

The album is also available on Nyasa network website for Download.

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